A new year has begun

As we welcome in a new year and another season unfolds, we are taking time to look back over the last years developments at Manna. Our Life Giving Skills project and holiday activity days have led to a whole new chapter at Manna where children and families are very much a part of the land. They have bought enthusiasm and excitement over the months which has sown new life into the project. We are utterly grateful to the support from all who have been a part of this, as it was un-chartered territory for us, and has been a great encouragement to see the land being used for pleasurable as well as learning purposes for children. Alongside this our adult volunteers carry on tending the land with care, as things continue the annual cycle of growth and new life. Our Jacob sheep are soon to be mothers for the 8th year, and their lambs will bring great joy to us all. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to be a part of this God given project in all manner of ways.