Ewe poo-infusion anyone?

This year as a part of the Life Giving Skills project we have started a Jadan Liquid Fertiliser (JLF) micro farm, with the aim of producing all of our plant feeds from materials we produce or grow at Manna. We currently have various plant ‘brews’ going, including comfrey, nettles, and dock leaves – all selected for specific nutrients. But by far the most exciting, (and labour intensive) is our ewe poo-infusion, inspired and managed by one of our volunteers. Sheep poo is considered the liquid gold in the animal manure world, and we now have a weekly batch being produced, which we are using to feed plants throughout Manna. We are also producing a marketable version which is sun-dried ewe poo, sorted and packed into hessian pouches which can then be submerged into water overnight and produce up to 25 litres of ‘Liquid gold’. We are launching this product at our open day on Saturday.