Woodland Management Day

A couple of weeks ago we held our first woodland management day which we hope to repeat later in the year. We had nearly 30 attendees of all ages and they embraced the day with enthusiasm and energy. The children had a tree identification hunt, and then wielding secateurs went off in groups to tackle the ivy which is suffocating many of the woodland trees. Then a number joined James to start hedgelaying a willow hedge that we planted 7 years ago. There is still plenty more to lay but the initial phase looks great. This group then re-joined the others to make some willow and ivy wreaths and whittling wood with potato peelers and whittling knives. Needless to say we had lunch around the fire pit in the woods and managed to squeeze 28 people into the circle, where marshmallows and popping corn took priority over healthier packed lunches! Look out for the next Woodland Day as we will be planning one in soon.