Winter at Manna

We have had a remarkably busy winter at Manna despite some incredibly cold and wet weeks. Our Winter Gathering thankfully lacked the snow, sleet, and gale force winds that last years offered, which no one missed! Instead this year there were glimpses of blue sky and certainly no minus temperatures so a grand success on the weather front. We had a super time with lots of lovely people attending throughout the day. There were activities for all ages including wreath making, tea light painting, bird box making, and the all essential cafe and fire pit with popcorn popping. Indeed we had such a good day that suggestions of a Summer Gathering were heartily received – maybe because we wouldn’t need 17 layers of clothes to enjoy ourselves!

We have embarked upon some signifiant woodland activities which have involved tree felling, tree planting (including 22 truffle trees), substantial clearance and preparations for a grand events shelter and a mushroom growing shed. Our Life Giving Skills project which we run every Friday for children and their families is going really well and we have a lot of plans for the coming year. It is open to all ages and we are always happy to have new faces join us so if you fancy coming along one week then just get in touch via email.