Funding news

We are pleased to announce 2 very significant donations for Manna.

The first is towards our workshop building project which will provide a multi-purpose room giving us a place for shelter, meetings, 1:1 sessions, and indoor activities. Our funding target for this is £1,800 and the Wakeham Trust have very generously given us £900 towards this. We are so very grateful to this funder who support small projects who are starting out and struggle to attract mainstream funds. We have also been given a further £200 towards this building project, by dear people who have been very faithful supporters of Manna and generous in many ways.

The next piece of news is that the Tree Council are supporting us for a second year running in the planting of more fruit trees. This year we are focussing on cordon trees, which enable us to plant far more trees in a small space with fruit that is easy to pick by even the smallest of people. The Tree Council have offered us £742.60 on the basis that we raise a further £185.65 of match funding.

So this summer our focus is on raising the remaining grand total of £885.65. If anyone would like to join us in our fundraising efforts, particularly any children who are at a loose end (!) during the holidays, then we would love for you to get in contact.