A new year begins

Lots of plans are afoot for the year 2019, and we have launched straight into them thanks to some glorious days. Our ram lamb twins made a successful great escape over the Winter, so a new and far more secure paddock was in order. We have welcomed 2 more volunteers into the project, with one being rather helpfully skilled in fencing.

We also planted lots of bulbs in late January which have started to appear and provide tiny pleasures whenever we pass.

One of the best ways to inject hope into drizzly days, when traipsing around the land causes more damage to the soil than good, is to get cracking with seed planting. So that was the order of the day yesterday. We were given hundreds of lavender seeds which it turns out are microscopic to keep track of, particularly if someone succumbs to a sneezing fit! But if successful Manna will look more like the Provence in years to come, which given the heat last summer may not be so unlikely.