The Woodland Trust has generously chosen to donate 105 trees to Project Manna to help revive the water meadow area. The trees are a mix of native British trees that suit wet or boggy land, and to help shade and cool rivers and streams. Our plan is to clear an area beside the river and plant the trees to help dry up the land. Following this we hope to plant a wildflower meadow which will provide both beauty and fodder for our bees. We have also been given wildflower seeds from the charity ‘Grow Wild’ which will cover about 100 square metres.

The seeds are here, and the trees arrive at the begining of March. We will need help to clear the land and plant these trees and whips so we are planning a Planting Party on March 11th, where lunch will be provided. All ages and abilities are welcome so please get in contact if you are interested in joining us.